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Career planning and consulting

Our career planning is individual. We assist and accompany football players during their whole career. And we go even further than that. We seek an environment, which suits you best, in order to improve and develop your capacities.

Career consultation during and at the end of the active career

Already during your sporting career, it is important to develop concrete ideas, how the transition from the active sport into the working world should look like. 
Through coaching (active accompaniment of athletes), together with you we will find out, which occupation field suits your talent best, for example sport(-management), sport journalism, trainer activity, sport consulting etc.  However, we also advise you with respect to a potential study or advanced education course and actively accompany you.

Scouting and analyses

We regularly carry out intensive scouting at trainings and competitions, communicate with instructors and coaches and generate a detailed achievement profile. Through permanent communication we aim to continuously work on the features, which have to be improved in order to guarantee an optimal further development. 

International contact network

For more than 30 we have been active in the area of player consulting and agency work. In this time, we established a large and worldwide network to important decision makers. An example for this is our engagement within the "ESCG" (Eurasian Sports Consulting Group). More information about ESCG can be found at .

Marketing Management

We market you strategically. Together with our partners we seek suitable sponsors for you, who guarantee an optimal image transfer. Whether through classic advertising, presentations, TV- or Lounge Events, we make sure, that you are shown in the right light. Besides the financial aspect, we also take care of increasing your awareness and popularity level, through media and advertising tools, which, besides the sporting success, is the key to long-term success. 

Public Relations 

Public Relations work is important. We make sure that the target-groups (societies, sponsors, media, fans) will associate your name in a positive way. We ensure a professional outside representation, be it in the form of news or over your personal web page. In this field we are supported by a journalistic sport competence team. You can find more information on the website at .

Media training (TV, print and advertising) 

You have been in that situation before. Directly after the end of the match, a reporter holds a microphone straight under your nose. With your mind you are still at the game, but you have to be quick-witted, because every word you are saying could be hold for or against you. A team of experienced television pundits will coach you, so you will be prepared for the case of an "emergency".

Pool of lawyers and tax advisers

Contracts must be "bullet-proofed". For your entire contract completions or possible legal disputes, we will provide you with the corresponding juristic advice from our experts.

Consultation in finance and insurance services

We look after your financial security. In collaboration with our finance service providers, we work out an individual provision plan for you.