Our partners

Goal2Career is equipped with a huge network of cooperating partners,
structured in geographical and contentual-thematically oriented points of view.

Network partners Balkan: Dragan and Petar Tomovski (Serbia, FYROM)

Vladimir Koev (Bulgaria, Moldovia)


Network partner  South America: Carlos and Rafael Nadal

Network partner  Greece: Binas Athanasios

Network partner  Russia, Eastern Europe: diverse


Network partner Turkey: Serdar Fafal


Network partner Baltic Staates: Babak Afshar (Estonia), Sami

Salonen (Finland)

Network partners  Middle East: Sharad Nazemi, Babak Afshar

Network partner Asia: Bert Chi (China)


Network partner United States: Arya Abhiseka

Network partner  Video/scouting:

Webmaster: Matthias Knapp,

Network partner  juristic advise: lawyer Christian Huber