Image Task fields for the club

Personnel analysis and acquisitions

Considering the vast amount of offers, which are communicated towards club on a daily basis, it is important for us to have reliable partners. It is our task to generate detailed and expressive analyses, which "sorts out the wheat from the chaff" and already separates undervalued potentials at an early stage.

Coaching of Employees

We accompany the transition process of bringing professional footballers from the field into the management of the club. The player and his career after football: Fromm professional footballer to a leadership person in the club. First of all the change situation must be accepted and mastered in this case, then practical capacities have to be developed in order to be able to effectively fill out certain positions. That's where we start our efforts. We coach your personnel for example in the area of marketing, media, leadership, player management and sponsorship. Of course we also offer extended vocational training seminars for your existing colleagues - from media training for managers and players to practical marketing training for your sponsorship department.

Sponsorship Consulting

Effective marketing begins with the acquisition. We generate concepts and business models for potential sponsors, as well as for your existing customers in order to generate revenues for you and your sponsors alike. We also implement those measures strategically. The aim is to create a win-win situation in order to establish a long-term partnership.

Business Development "Asia" (ASCG of "Asia Sports Consulting Group") 

Thanks to our professional presence in Asia we open new business fields for you, develop strategic sponsorship concepts with the purpose of increasing the brand awareness of your club and/or your sponsor in Asia. Furthermore, we negotiate and perform transfers (coaches, players, executives in sports) to Asia and vice versa. 


Interim Management 

We can become managers of your club for a limited time, in order to be able to act quickly and flexible and to compensate personnel bottlenecks in a case of emergency. We achieve that with the necessary leadership competence as well as with our competence in the area of sport. We will make our whole network of specialists available for you.